Christmas Countdown in Princeton                                                                                                                              December 22nd

Peace flag in the window of Shop the World  in Princeton, NJ as seen in American Public House Review

As we walk the eminent streets of Princeton we share the air with the eccentric and the distinguished, the brilliant and the esteemed. There is an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and transcendent hope. For aspirants of knowledge, whether matriculated students or just pilgrims in understanding's pursuit, it can feel closer to home than many whereabouts in this world.

We pause at this
appropriate message for the season hanging in the window of Shop The World, an import store at 4 Spring Street, and wonder if we are any closer to peace than our ancestors of two thousand years. Have the thoughts, the science, or the poetry conceived within this university town moved the needle a tick toward the hour when we open the presents peace has left still wrapped right there under our tree? Sometimes it seems like we have indeed made progress, and at other times . . .

A quote attributed to A. J. Muste, a 20th century master of peace, comes to mind:
"There is no way to peace; peace is the way!"


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